Tribute To Prof. Ambikanandan Misra

An inspiring and untiring professional with attitude and never unfading smile. His life's journey can never be forgotten. The man himself Prof. A. N. Misra was a name by itself. MPA witnessed his graceful presence and enduring efforts to blossom as an association to motivate and continuously educate the current students and the alumni. Sir taught us to achieve in abundance and distribute it generously. Sir also contributed to bring us together on the platform of MPA even after we got busily engaged in our post academic professional activities, but today we have gathered here to mourn his untimely demise from this mortal world leaving us bereaved in unending sorrow. His inspiring light will reign over millions of hearts for eternity. We pray to god to grace his soul with eternal peace and also give us the strength to bear the loss and follow the spark that sir has ignited in each one of us.

MSU Pharmacy Alumni Association